Hey coach...

I'm Mark -- the Budget Nerd.
I'll help you pay yourself more, build a cash reserve,
and get rid of debt by teaching you to love budgeting.

Happy Clients

Anna Kunnecke

Not only has working with Mark revolutionized the cash flow of my business, it's transformed the way I see myself. No more "I'm just not good with numbers" nonsense; now I know that with the proper tools and support, I can be a confident, savvy businesswoman who knows my numbers COLD. And that, my friends, is priceless.

Amy Pearson

As my business grew, I knew I needed a system for working with my money but nothing I tried seemed to work. In a few short months, Mark helped me pay off my credit card AND my business operates a full month ahead of expenses! It’s truly amazing what I’ve been able to do with Mark’s help!

Susan Hyatt

I wasn't sure I needed Mark's help; I felt solid about my money love. After working with Mark for 6 months, I've just about doubled my income (and I was doing pretty stellar already) and know exactly what's what in my budgeting and projections. #markbutlerisvoodoomagic

Lara Adler

Mark keeps my business financials clean and current, which lets him advise me on big-picture questions like: Can I pay myself more? Hire a new team member? Redesign my website? With Mark on my team, I'm not alone in working through the tough financial decisions in my business.

Racheal Cook

From planning the next new team member hire to determining the right Facebook Ad budget for the next launch, Mark has taken a huge amount of stress off my shoulders so I can do what I do best. The best part? I no longer have those panicked moments of needing to hustle an extra client to fill a short-term cash flow crisis.

Rachel Rodgers

Since working with Mark I've made big savings in my monthly expenses without hurting my ability to grow. He keep the numbers up to date and he uses them to talk through all my tough decisions with me, from hiring to firing to achieving long term goals. I love knowing exactly what numbers I need to hit every month!

Deirdre Van Nest

Keeping my own books was tedious. I dreaded it and there was a constant low-level anxiety that my numbers weren't accurate or useful. Mark keeps my numbers in "real-time" with weekly updates to my accounts so I can see exactly where I stand and what I need to do to hit my goals. Mark has been a major boost to my mental, emotional, and physical energy.

Stella Orange

I've been longing for a bookkeeper who understands numbers and can help me interpret them intelligently. And I've been waiting for the day I just had, when you told me that the debt is paid off, there's 3 months' operating expenses in the bank, and might as well create a line item called 'Stella's Party Time' in my budget. Amen and hallelujah, Budget Nerd. I couldn't have done it without you!

About Mark

I wasn't always a budget-loving finance nerd. Between 2008 and 2012 I (and a couple of partners) started three online businesses, selling everything from high-end coaching to subscription-based software. The businesses brought close to $2 Million in total revenue. Only problem? I always felt broke. I never took the time to get 'good at the money.'

After I sold my businesses in 2012, I spent the next year studying a financial management system that completely transformed my finances. In 2013 I adapted that system for small business owners, and Budget Nerd was born.

Today I manage the finances of over two-dozen small businesses. I act as bookkeeper, CFO, and confidante. The result? Paid-off credit cards, growing cash reserves, increased owner income, and a few shrieks of joy.

If your practice is already well-established, I want to be your money guy. If you're just getting started as an entrepreneur, I want to give a you money management system that will keep your stress low and your clarity high as you make investments in yourself and your business.

No matter where you are in your business, you'll want to check out my free mini-course: The 30-minute Business Budget: Four Simple Steps to Perfect Clarity in Your Business Finances. Just drop your name and email in the form below.

Four Simple Steps to Budget Nerdvana

Your Financial Stress: Gone (Like, Poof)

  • 1

    Embrace the Money

    You're the CEO, but you're also the C-F-O. You're responsible for - and capable of - maintaining your finances and using the data to make great business decisions. I'll show you how.

  • 2

    Respect the Money

    Business money is business money; personal money is personal. I'll explain the why and the how of total separation between business and personal finances.

  • 3

    Stay Close to the Money

    'Where attention goes, energy flows.' I'll show you how to accurately track your business expenses in a few minutes per month.

  • 4

    Budget the Money

    A budget is NOT a diet. Effective budgeting frees you to invest your cash for the biggest possible return in your business. And my budgeting method is one you'll stick to and - dare I say it - love.