Budget Nerd
a Mark Butler project

Nerdy by Nature? Budget Nerd wants to hire you as a remote, part-time Budget Specialist.

budget-nerd-blogAt Budget Nerd, we help small business owners smooth out their cash flow, pay themselves more, reduce debt, and finally get a good night’s sleep. We’re a scrappy team of two: Mark Butler (that’s me) and Emily Sandberg. I handle the consulting and Emily handles all the data in the business.

We’re looking to grow our team fifty percent (!) in the next 60 days by hiring, um, one person (hopefully you).

First, a little about Budget Nerd.

I’m Mark, the founder. Between 2008 and 2012 I started and ran a few small businesses that earned a couple million dollars in total revenue. The money was fine, but I always felt broke. I wasn’t “good at money.” I’d float in and out of debt and stress out all the time about the finances.

In late 2012 I managed to sell my businesses and limp away from business ownership with most of my debt paid off and a little nest egg in the bank.

I landed a job with YouNeedABudget.com (aka YNAB, pronounced why-nab).

(Do yourself a favor: go there right now, buy their software, and use it every day. You’ll thank me later, and forever.)

While working at YNAB I adopted their simple, brilliant financial philosophy. My income had dropped 50% compared to my self-employed days, but I never felt better. That’s the power of budgeting.

After a year with the company I asked the CEO, Jesse Mecham, to let me take the YNAB software and philosophy to small business owners as a service.

He said yes, and within a few months I was working with around 25 small business owners. At that point Jesse said “This is great, but we’re a software company. Let’s wind down the consulting and have you focus elsewhere.”

I agreed that was the right move for YNAB, but the consulting was going great. I didn’t want to stop. Within a week Jesse and I agreed I could leave YNAB with my clients. Budget Nerd was born.

Today Emily and I support 34 small business owners, helping them use a smart spending plan to keep their cash flow smooth and their stress at reasonable levels.

Our clients keep referring their friends, and we’re maxed out. We need another Budget Specialist to help us deliver great service and continue adding¬†clients. Let’s find out if you’re a good fit.

The Budget Specialist position might be for you if…

You’re a spreadsheet-loving numbers nerd. You really love spreadsheets. Sometimes at social functions you say, “all that’s missing here is a good spreadsheet,” drawing strange looks from your friends and family.

You have an accounting or bookkeeping background. It’s not a requirement, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

You’re meticulous and probably a bit of a perfectionist.

You love schedules and to-do lists.

The word reconcile makes you feel warm and peaceful inside, like hot chocolate.

You enjoy written communication. We work from home, so we use a lot of online chat to keep up with each other.

You don’t mind going through a standard background check (after all, we deal with our clients’ finances.)

Bonus points if…

Again, those are just bonuses – not requirements.


The Budget Specialist needs to be avaialable Monday through Thursday for at least two hours. We update our client’s finances on a schedule.

The time of day is flexible. You can work early in the morning, late at night, or spread throughout the day in 15 minute bursts.

You’ll work wherever you like: home, the library, at a cafe, in your jammies. Doesn’t matter.

If Budget Nerd continues to grow as it has been, your two hours per day could grow quickly to four hours.

What you’ll be doing…

As a Budget Specialist, you’ll be updating 10-20 client budgets per week.

This includes:


You’ll start out as a contractor, and compensation will depend on experience. I anticipate $15 to $20 per hour for this position. You’ll invoice on the first of every month.

How to apply

Please send an email to mark@budgetnerd.me and include “nerdy by nature” in the subject line.

Attach your resume and include a cover letter that helps me get to know you and why you might be a good fit as our next Budget Specialist.

Hiring timeline

I’ll be accepting applications throughout June (official deadline is June 30 at midnight).

When you apply, I’ll acknowledge your application within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from me, send it again! After I’ve confirmed your application, you won’t hear from me again until the first week of July. At that point I’ll let you know your next steps.

Thanks in advance for applying!

By the way, if you have friend or family member you think would be a good fit for the job, please share this!