Budget Nerd
a Mark Butler project

Nerdy by Nature? Budget Nerd wants to hire you as a remote, part-time Accounting and Budget Specialist.


As of 3/12/2019 I’m closing the job to new applicants. Thanks for your interest!

At Budget Nerd, we help small business owners smooth out their cash flow, pay themselves more, reduce debt, and finally get a good night’s sleep. We’re a scrappy team of five: Mark Butler (that’s me) and four part-time bookkeepers.

I’m looking to hire an Accounting and Budget Specialist as soon as possible to help support Budget Nerd’s growing list of clients.

First, a little about Budget Nerd.

I’m Mark, the founder. Between 2008 and 2012 I started and ran a few small businesses that earned a couple million dollars in total revenue. The money was fine, but I always felt broke. I wasn’t “good at money.” I’d float in and out of debt and stress out all the time about the finances.

In late 2012 I managed to sell my businesses and limp away with most of my debt paid off and a little nest egg in the bank.

I landed a job with YouNeedABudget.com (aka YNAB, pronounced why-nab).

While working at YNAB I adopted their simple, brilliant financial philosophy. My income had dropped 50% compared to my self-employed days, but I never felt better. That’s the power of budgeting.

After a year with the company I asked the CEO, Jesse Mecham, to let me take the YNAB software and philosophy to small business owners as a service.

He said yes, and within a few months I was working with a growing group of small business owners. At that point Jesse said “This is great, but we’re a software company. Let’s wind down the consulting and have you focus elsewhere.”

I agreed that was the right move for YNAB, but the consulting was going great. I didn’t want to stop. Within a week Jesse and I agreed I would leave YNAB with my clients. Budget Nerd was born.

Today we support about 30 small business owners, helping them use a smart spending plan to keep their cash flow smooth and their stress at reasonable levels. I’ve also moved beyond budgeting, providing bookkeeping and payroll services for our clients.

Our clients keep referring their friends, and we’re maxed out. We need an Accounting and Budget Specialist to help us deliver great service and continue adding clients. Let’s find out if you’re a good fit.

The Accounting and Budget Specialist position might be for you if…

You’re a spreadsheet-loving numbers nerd. You really love spreadsheets. Sometimes at social functions you say, “all that’s missing here is a good spreadsheet,” drawing strange looks from your friends and family.

You’re meticulous and probably a bit of a perfectionist.

Crossing tasks off a to-do list makes you feel warm and peaceful inside, like hot chocolate.

You communicate clearly and confidently in writing.

You like the idea of quickly learning (and creating) new processes, as well as interacting with unfamiliar software.

You’re happy to have your work tasks vary week to week. All your work will fall into general themes and patterns,  but this week it may be a lot more of one thing, next week a lot more of something else. You’ll need to enjoy that variety.

You don’t mind going through a standard background check (after all, we deal with our clients’ finances).

Bonus points if…

Again, those are just bonuses – not requirements.


This is a 15 to 20 hour per week position.

The time of day is flexible, but at least some of your availability will need to be between 10am and 3pm Mountain Time so we can communicate during normal office hours.

Other than that, you can work any time during the day.

Important note about your work hours: the tasks and projects you’ll handle in this position will often require 2 to 3 hour uninterrupted blocks of time, so this isn’t really a “fifteen minutes here and there” kind of job.

You’ll work wherever you like: home, the library, at a cafe, in your jammies. Doesn’t matter.

This is a W-2 position

I’m not looking to hire a contractor. This person will be paid monthly via payroll direct deposit. I’ll supply a Mac laptop and any other technology/software required to do the job.

You’ll be an hourly employee, and compensation will depend on experience.

What you’ll be doing…

As an Accounting and Budget Specialist you’ll support our bookkeeping processes and resolve clients’ issues and questions as they arise.

On the bookkeeping side of the business, this could mean reviewing and occasionally repairing and supplementing the bookkeepers’ work.

We use two pieces of software primarily: You Need A Budget and Google Sheets. We also find ourselves occasionally in our clients’ shopping cart software and reporting tools, as needed.

You’ll also help improve and update our bookkeeping systems and tools (ie spreadsheets) that let us organize financial data and present it to clients in a way that helps them make confident decisions in their business.

On the client support side you’ll be answering client requests such as:

I will (of course) train you in all aspects of the job. We’ll work closely to make sure you gain competence and confidence in each area of responsibility.

You should apply for this job if you love to learn. Willingness and ability to adapt and learn is just as valuable as previous experience.

How to apply

Please send an email to mark@budgetnerd.me and include “nerdy by nature” in the subject line.

Write me a note that helps me get to know you and why you’re a good fit for this position.

(Hint: When you write your note, please remember that I’m a human, not an HR department. No one of my team refers to me as “sir” or “Mr. Butler” or –heaven forbid–  “to whom it may concern.”)

If you have a resume, attach it to the email. If you don’t have a resume, well, I can’t really fault you because neither do I. Tell me about your work and life experience in your note, and we’ll take it from there.

Hiring timeline

I’d like to fill the position as soon as possible, but I’m not in a rush.

When you apply, I’ll acknowledge your application within 48 hours. If you don’t hear from me, send it again! At that point I’ll let you know your next steps.

Thanks in advance for applying!

By the way, if you have friend or family member you think would be a good fit for the job, please share this post!