Budget Nerd
a Mark Butler project

Let me help you set up and maintain your first successful budget.

The first time I heard about the budgeting philosophy I use and teach was around 2006. Back then the system was sold as a spreadsheet called “You Need A Budget” for $20. I paid the $20…but I don’t think I ever actually opened the spreadsheet.

A couple of years later the system’s creator, Jesse Mecham, moved into my neighborhood (yes, small world) and we became good friends. He gave me the newest version of his system (called YNAB for short, pronounced “why-nab”). I think I opened it a couple of times. “Budgeting doesn’t work for me,” I told myself (and my long-suffering wife).

Fast forward to early 2013. I’d sold my businesses and walked way with lots of life lessons and most of my debt paid off. I needed a job, and Jesse hired me to be the staff writer for You Need A Budget. The rest is Budget Nerd history:

And I owe it all to Providence, my amazingly supportive wife, and…budgeting.

You see where I’m going with this?

Seven (!) years passed from first contact to finally “getting” budgeting, and it didn’t stick until the company behind the philosophy literally put me on the payroll.

The whole thing makes me laugh a little; I seem to enjoy doing things the hard way.

If you also prefer taking the long way around, power to you. Sometimes that’s what it takes.

If you’d like to spend less time figuring out budgeting, I can help.

See, there’s a bit of a trick to this budgeting thing because it requires you to simultaneously:

As I’ve taught this system and implemented it for small business owners, here’s what I’ve found:

Most people are willing to work on their financial habits, attitudes, and decision-making. But the technical aspects of budgeting (learning the software, entering transactions, categorizing, balancing accounts) frustrate and annoy busy people.

I don’t want you to miss out on the power of budgeting because it’s confusing to set up and tedious to maintain.

I’ll take care of the annoying maintenance bits while supporting you in adopting the budgeting mindset and philosophy.

A hybrid done-for-you service + coaching and support.


Coaching and support

There are three of us on the team now: Emily Sandberg, Lynne Somerman, and me. Emily and Lynne are both top-shelf Budget Nerds, and they’ll both assist with all aspects of this service.

The first and third Tuesdays of the month we block out four hours for ‘Office Hours.’ You’ll be able to grab a block of time to get your most important budgeting question answered.

And that’s it: let us set up and maintain your budget, then let us help you use it to make confident (and competent) financial decisions.

The retainer

$600 for the first month.
$175 per month thereafter.

Ready to get started? Register here.

After you register you’ll hear from me with next steps. Looking forward to working together.

– Mark